Ceramic V-shaped Ball Valve


   For most of control valves including globe valve and V-shape ball control valve, when the valve is positioned to a little open, the flow speed of medium will reach to maximum value which leads to corrode the valve body, the support and the body by high-speed medium. If the medium is mixed with solid particles, the corroding effect will be much more serious.

    Many valve manufacturers and technicians cost lots of time and money to improve the wear-resisting performance by changing structure. But the effect is not satisfactory. Especially because the medium has abrasiveness and corrosiveness. The only way to solve this problem is to choose proper material.

    It is well known that advanced ceramics including high-purity alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide and silicon nitride could provide a basic solution to corrosion and wear issues. As a professional ceramic manufacturer, SSZ has developed V-shape ball valve to fulfill the requirements under severe wear and corrosion conditions.


Design features

1.Float ball / Fixed ball

    SSZ provides two basic structures for ceramic V-shape valves: float ball and fixed ball. For the dimension not more than 4”, the valve should be floating V-shape ball; for not less than 5”, it should be fixed V-shape ball.

2.The parts contacting with medium are all made by ceramics

    As the medium is mainly high abrasive and corrosive, the ceramic parts are inner lining on forged-metal valve body, which could bear most physical load and piping impact. The medium will not contact with valve body directly. So corrosive medium will not wear or corrode any part.


3.Rod valve, pneumatic and electric control system

  Generally, ceramic V-shape ball valves are configured with pneumatic or electric actuators. SSZ has the professional technicians to assemble the whole pneumatic or electric actuator on the valves. We do our best to install all proper accessories on ceramic V-shape ball valve such as pneumatic actuators, limit switches, solenoid valves, filters, etc. according to customers’ request. SSZ could also supply the accessories to customers who could assemble the actuators on valves by themselves.


4.Various ceramic V-shape ball valve

  The ceramic V-shape ball valve is also named as ceramic V-shape regulating valve. It has a feature of constant percentage flow. SSZ provides V-shape opening balls in 15°,30°,45° and 60°to fulfill the requirement of accurate control in different applications.



Performance parameters

Nominal diameter 12”

Pressure level CL150 - 600

Medium’s temperature is 500

Fresh water, sewage, sea water, steam, gas, petroleum, acids and alkaloids.