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Electric Power


Power plant/garbage power generation

As the most common way to transport powder in the world, pneumatic conveying efficiency is high. However, the wear problems always happen at bending area and valves of pipes. The transporting materials are affected by fast airflow to reduce the efficiency of pneumatic conveying system. Therefore, the system valves are more reliable and safe as needed.


1.Dust handling system

SSZ could join in any dust handling process, such as ceramic ball valve in powder pneumatic conveying system.


Fuel control ignition, rapid isolating ash and cinder.


Ceramic valve for limestone slurry in FGD system

Limestone slurry, mud pump, spray tower


Ammonia separation, ammonia injection



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The pipelines with wear and corrosive mediums, such as pulp transportation in long distance

SSZ valves have already proved itself in harsh application of mining industry, including:

Oxygen supply pipelines

Ventilating pipes

Slurry pumps

Acid liquid

Copper slag pulp

The mineral is grinded by concentrating mill under specific economic and technological conditions. The exhausted waste is a major component of industrial solid waste after choosing useful components. It contains a certain amount of silicate, carbonate and other mineral material, and has the characteristics of small particles, large quantities, pollution and environmental hazards. But it is also a potential secondary resource. In other words, tailings have two characteristics of secondary resource and environmental pollution.


Tailings backfill:

The backfill of mine goaf with tailings is one of the most effective ways. With much stricter supervision of exhausting and handling tailings in China, many large and medium-sized concentrators begin to use tailing filling station. Because of various reasons, some mines have nowhere to set up tailing ponds, that replaced by backfilling tailings to make a huge sense. The backfilling work is carried out after mixing the slurry and cement with high concentration stirred tank that not only saves the cost of tailing storage, but also does not cause the environmental pollution. Meanwhile, it could effectively avoid land collapse and other issues.

The wear is very serious because of high hardness of sand and slurry in the pulp. The original hard sealing valves are severely scoured due to regulation. The service life is short. Usually in a few weeks, the valves will be worn and failed and be replaced which may increase the maintenance work. The backfilling effect will be influenced by changing valves frequently and reducing the work continuity.



Focused on strong wear condition on site, SSZ uses the nature advantage of zirconia ceramics and decades of experience and practice to develop super wear-resistant ceramic ball valve, that solve the above problem effectively. Because of the particularity in original material of ceramic ball valve, it not only uses as a switch valve, but also as a V-shape regulator to achieve constant percentage adjustment. It could fully meet the requirements on site and could solve the problems of valves.

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Polysilicon & organic silicon

Polysilicon is produced from metallurgical grade silica fume by purification process. Metallurgical grade silicon is obtained from SiO2. In this process, raw material and intermediate products include silicone powder, hydrogen chloride gas, silicon tetrachloride, silicon tetrachloride, dichlorosilane, hydrogen gas.

Silicon fume is highly abrasive, and wet HCl gas has a strong corrosive to harm the health and environment. Valves play a very important role in these polysilicon producing processes. Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high quality and longer service life are necessary to improve the stability and to reduce the maintenance.

SSZ ceramic ball valves have a bubble sealing class (Class VI) and low-emission fillers and washers. With excellent performance and extremely high hardness, the best valves and piping solution are applied for any location in these applications.


Silicon powder / silicon copper zinc powder / chloromethane

1.Particle hardness65

2.Particle size50~100 micron

3.Valve size2.5”all opening diameter

4.Pressure levelANSI 300

5.Operating temperature330

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Chemical industry


Drying hydrochloric acid medium

Temperature is 264

Applied pressure is 1.66 Mpa


Sewage water/ash water/slag water, isolated valve or regulating valve in pipelines

Severe conditions

Temperature is more than 200 degree

The pressure is not less than 300 psi

Strong corrosion

Much heavy wear

Combined with two or more conditions, it will cause a lot of trouble to the valves. In general, the problem on metal valves are difficult to solve or cost too much money, also its service life is not too long. The ceramic valve is your best choice.

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In slurry pipelines, valves and pipes are easy to be corroded or worn and to be plugged by viscous medium. So ceramic pipes or valves can not only solve the problem on wear and corrosion, but also on plugged or jammed. It could ensure a better production and reduce the costs in maintenance.

1.Slurry concentration64~67

2.Slurry proportion280kg / m3

3.Slurry pressure<1.3MPa

4.Slurry flow speed1.2~1.5m / s

5.Slurry temperature280


Valve size 6”

SSZ - CBV-304 seriesvalve body forging

Pressure levelANSI 300

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Sewage Disposal

1.Anaerobic sludge system/sodium hydroxide system/sewage pretreatment/sewage reflux

2.Working conditionsvalves installed in underground wells

3.Medium temperature(℃):180

4.Medium in applicationdosing sewage

5.Manual/Electric & Manual

Valve size6”

SSZ-CBO seriesfull ceramic lining structure, whole opening diameter

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Iron and steel industry


Metallurgical process usually uses the method of acid solution in high temperature and pressure. As the medium is a mixture of strongly corrosive acids and abrasive solids, both of the installed pipes and the valves must have corrosion and wear resistance both.

However, most plastic or metal could not meet this requirement. Only advanced high-performance ceramics have excellent corrosion and wear resistance among these corrosive mediums. That is why SSZ whole ceramic lining balls are widely used in metallurgical and mining industries.



Pressure1.2 MPa

Valve size4”    whole ceramic lining structure, whole hole diameter


Working conditions

1 Desulphurization, manganese removal, desilication, dephosphorization, injection, stirring, magnesium powder, powder

Fast flow speed, good sealing effect

Conditionnormal temperaturenormal pressure, magnesium powder, catalyst, etc.


2 Electric arc furnace, deoxidization and decarbonization, carbon powder (hac50), carbon oxygen lance

High switching frequency, lots dust with pressure, wear, slagging and submerged arc

Conditionnormal temperature, normal pressure, nitrogen, carbon powder


3 Converter blowing, dust containing flue gas, industrial dust, iron powder, iron dust, water slurry, and slurry flow regulation

Conditionnormal temperature and pressure, exhausted gas, iron powder, ash water, mortar, slurry


4 Rotation, spraying, drying, lime powder with water, atomization by atomizer, mist absorption flue gas

Condition 7090℃, 1.0MPa1540% concentrated stone slurry


5Pulverized coal and pulverized coal bunker, pressure relief, explosion-proof, high sealing level

Condition 25℃~220℃, 1.0MPa5.0MPanitrogencoal powder