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        Ceramics are born with unique wear resistance and corrosion resistance.But there are also many shortcomings, the application of ceramic valves, the need to solve the problem is very much, we have established a variety of targeted laboratories, analysis equipment, machine equipment


Wear Resistance:

        Abrasive slurries have little effect on its rock hard surfaces.

Corrosion Resistance:

        It is virtually inert to acid bases and most other corrosives.

Impact Resistance:

        The composition of the materials and the advanced process technology result in high mechanical strength and toughness.

High operating temperatures:

        SSZ-PSZ ceramic is well beyond the valve

        limits of 550°F. Higher ratings on request.

Transcendence and innovation.

So, Why Use Zirconia Ceramic

        Often considered as last resort to solve a problem or a demand that other materials. can not withstand. e.g.

        Stability in harsh environments.

        Extremes of temperature.

        Chemical resistance.

        High toughness.

        Abrasion resistance.

        Wear resistance.



        Toughness similar to cast iron.

        Tensile strength similar to mild steel.

        Compressive strength 4x that of mild steel.

        Chemically inert.

        Excellent abrasion resistance.

        Excellent corrosion resistance.

        Thermal Shock ΔT ≥ 270℉ without cracking with a maximum wall thickness of 38 mm.


30 years of experience

        Caustic Slurry.

        Corrosive, abrasive and hot (up to 550℉).

        SSZ Zirconia outlasts Chrome Iron valve trim by five to ten times.

        SSZ Zirconia is used exclusively in the bauxite refineries such.

        as Alcoa, Rio Tinto and Queensland Alumina Nilcra.

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 Company Profile 


         SSZ is headquartered in the United States. The company has been developing for more than 30 years, with annual revenue of nearly 100 million US dollars and hundreds of employees. Its business covers more than 20 countries and regions around the world. SSZ products have been distributed all over the world and have multiple offices. The company has a number of core ceramic technologies. We are committed to solving the demanding conditions of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Since the entry of SSZ into China, the establishment of service centers has greatly improved the service and supply level. SSZ manufactures demanding conditions (wear resistance, Corrosion-resistant) Ceramic valves and ceramic pipe fittings have been continuously added to the research and development of nano-scale ceramics. We have been exploring the performance of ceramic materials to a higher level to solve chemical, petroleum, electric power, mining, polysilicon, titanium dioxide, Lithium and other industries.                     


          SSZ has been seeking and working hard to continuously improve and innovate, constantly seeking the best solution for wear and corrosion conditions. We have more than 100 technicians and the company has nearly 50 years of experience in ceramic product development. Wherever there is corrosion and grinding, our engineers have a special solution. SSZ engineers have accumulated a wealth of application experience. High-purity nano-ceramic materials and metering technology are the cornerstones of our quality assurance. In order to meet your more complex working conditions, we will continue to improve product quality and make more progress.